is a web portal that allows you to log in to your Microsoft account. You can track and renew your purchased subscription by visiting the website and logging into your Office account.  Also, you can also do Office Setup, synchronize your Microsoft Office account with Gmail, Skype, Xbox, etc.

Complete Procedure to register to your Office Account

Step 1 : To carry on with the process of account creation of Microsoft Office, access any of the internet browsers on your system. In the address field of your browser, input the web address “”. 

Step 2 : Access the Office “Sign In” window by tapping on the “Create One!” link. Input the email address that you wish to link with this account. There is yet another method to create a Microsoft account. Thereafter, tap on the link “Use a phone number instead”. Input the 10 digits active mobile number. Tap on the blue-colored “Next” button. After this, generate the password that you wish to link with this account and click “Next”.

Step 3 : Microsoft Office will then send you an email to verify your email address. Along with this, it also provides the security code along with it. Open the email received from Office and tap on the “Verify” tab. You will get the security code there, note it down at a safe place.

Step 4 : Return back to the main window of account creation and then enter the Security Code in the specified field.

Step 5 : Go through the links of “Privacy Policy” and “License Agreements”. You can do so by tapping on its respective links one by one.

Step 6 : Input the Captcha code in the corresponding field and tap on the “Next” button. This completes the process of account creation.

Complete Procedure To Sign In To

Step 1: Begin the process by opening any of the internet browsers on your computer or laptop. In the address field of your browser, input the web address “”. 

Step 2: After entering the web address, it will bring you to the Microsoft Office Sign In window. 

Step 3: In the Sign In window, input the email address or phone number that you have mentioned at the time of registration of your account.

Step 4: Thereafter, tap on the “Next” button from the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Subsequently, input the password that you have set earlier at the time of creating your account in the specified fields.

Step 6: In the end, you have to tap on the “Sign In” tab that is located at the middle of the page.

What are the functions that you can perform after signing in to “”?

Here are some of the functions that you can perform after signing in to your Office account. 

  • After successfully signing in to your Office account, you can get the latest updates about the Office products and services. 
  • You will be notified to change your password in order to keep your Microsoft Office account safe.
  • Moreover, by accessing the Office account you can buy new or renew old subscriptions.
  • After signing in to your Office account, you can also access your cloud data files.
  • Also, you can check the status of the latest launched Office products and make your payments and billings. 

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