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How to Office with product key?

Microsoft Office or simply Office ( is an exceptionally effective and efficient suite of Software Applications. This Software Suite offers a well-integrated fleet of various Productivity Tools. These cutting-edge tools are designed specifically for automating the time-consuming, labour-intensive manual office work. It extends a wide range of purpose-specific tools like  Word,OneNote, Excell, Outlook, Powerpoint, etc.

MS Office

It’s perfectly blended suite of software applications are available in around 35 different languages. Besides that, it is compatible with almost every possible Device and OS. For instance, you can use it on most of the available variants of Windows, Mac and Linux. Not only that, it is also available for Mobile Devices.  

This feature-packed set of productivity tools is highly cost effective, versatile and fully customizable. In short, it employs some of the most advanced, user-friendly tools to simply your daily lives. Above all, it is extremely convenient to deploy with the help of a simple “” process.

Best Features Of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

With “”, you can avail all of its world-class features.

  1. Works on Multiple Devices
  2. Cross-platform Compatibility
  3. AI based Creative Tools
  4. Cloud Storage of 1TB
  5. 50GB of Email Storage
  6. Well-integrated Tools
  7. Co-Authoring on Real-time basis
  8. Communicate with Co-workers easily
  9. Equipped with Power Map
  10. Intelligent Inbox with Decluttering Facilities
  11. Microsoft Office Planner to Streamline Workflows
  12. Easily operate Word Documents with Resume Reading
  13. Send Links instead of Files
  14. Hasslefree Data Management with MS MyAnalytics
  15. Get Creative Presentations with MS Sway
  16. Smooth Editing and Conversion of Files into PDF
  17. Intuitive Features like Language Translator, Digital Pen, Reading Pane, Zoom View, 3D Models, Visual Impacts, etc. 
  18. Offline Functioning
  19. Easily Access Documents from any Device and Location
  20. Budget-friendly

Minimum System Requirements To Install Ms Office

For Windows

Processor: Dual core processor with a speed of at least 1.6 GHz

Memory: Minimum RAM of 4GB or 2GB with 32-bit.

Hard Disk: Available Disk Space of 4GB 

Display: Screen Resolution of at least 1280 x 768 or higher

Graphics: DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0 or higher for Windows 10 (or WDDM 1.3 or higher for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update) for Graphics hardware acceleration 

OS Variant: Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019

Browser: Current version of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox

Other:  A high speed broadband connection for the initial download and regular updates. Besides, it is needed for the Internet functionality. 

For Mac

Computer & Processor: Intel Processor

Memory: RAM of 4GB

Hard Disk: At least 10GB of available disk space. HFS+ (Mac OS Extended or APFS) hard disk format   

Display: Screen Resolution of 1280 x 800 or higher

OS Variant: is compatible with the three most recent versions of Mac at any time. For best experience, always stick to the latest version.

Browser: Current version of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox

Other:  A high speed broadband connection for the initial download and regular updates. Besides, it is needed for the Internet functionality.

Where do I find my Office Product Key?

office product key

You can easily locate MS Office Product Key from two distinct locations based on your purchase source before you Activate your Subscription. Apart from that, you can easily locate it from your User Account after activating your Subscription. 

Before Activation

In Case of Online Purchase

When you purchase an MS Office product from Microsoft’s official Online Store. Then, you get a “Purchase Confirmation Email” on the Email Address used for establishing your User Account. This Email contains your Office Product Key required for “”. For this, simply access your Email Account and log in to it. Then, open the Email sent by MS Office. Here, you will find the required 25-digit Product Key.

In Case of Offline Purchase

When you purchase the MS Office product from an offline physical Store. Then, you get a Retail Card along with the Installation CD. Look for a Silver Foil Coating at the back-side of this Retail Card. Scratch this Silver Coating to get the Office Product Key.

After Activation

  1. Launch “”. 
  2. Go to the top right-hand corner and look for a Profile icon. Click on it. 
  3. The following window seeks your registered Email Address or Phone Number. Hence, accurately type in either your Email Address or Phone Number which was used for establishing your Account. 
  4. Then, click “Next”.
  5. Thereafter, enter the associated “Password” correctly.
  6. Then, go to the top right-hand corner of the following window. Click on your Name. 
  7. After that, select “Order History”. 
  8. Locate your purchased product. Then, select the “Install Office” option.
  9. On the following pop-up window, you will get your MS Office Product Key.
  • Begin the Downloading process for “” by launching an Internet Browser of your choice. For example, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer etc. 
  • Now, bring up the official Microsoft Store. In other words, click on the Address Bar of your Browser. Thereafter, properly type in “”. Then, press the “Enter” key. 
  • The following window enlists all the available Products offered by Microsoft. Hence, go to its Menu Bar located at the very top. Then, select the “Softwares” tab. 
  • This will expand its Menu Box which displays a list of all the available Software Products. Here, you must opt for “Office” to proceed with “”. 
  • As a result, it will lead you to the webpage for Office Products.  
  • Here, you must look at the very top for its Menu Bar. Here, you will notice the “Products” tab. Click on it to expand it. 
  • On the following window, you will get links to access the Webpages of its various Products. Hence, click on them one-by-one. Then, review the details of all the available Products. 
  • Based on these details and your requirements, select the most appropriate option. Then, go to the respective webpage for “”.  
  • This window will give you complete details about the chosen product and subscription. As such, check the details again to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Then, click on the “Buy and Download” tab.
  • Thereafter, it leads you to your Shopping Cart. Here, you will get your Order Details along with its complete Price Breakdown. Go through the details. 
  • Now, click on “Checkout” to proceed to its payment. 
  • After that, it will prompt you to “Sign In” for “”. Hence, provide the “Email Address” or “Phone Number” associated with your Microsoft Account. 
  • Then, click “Next”.
  • Following that, you must type in the corresponding “Password”. Then, click on the “Sign In” tab.

Steps To Download Office Setup For Windows & Mac?
  • However, if you don’t have an Account. Then, first create a new one. Then, “log in” to your Account.
  • Subsequently, choose an appropriate Payment Option. Thereafter, properly provide your Payment Details and confirm it. 
  • Thereafter, you will get a secure “Download” link to start the “” process. Hence, click on it.
  • Finally, wait for the process to complete successfully.

Steps to Install Microsoft Office Setup on Mac and Windows

install office
  1. In the very first place, you must locate the downloaded Office Setup File for “”. For this, you must look at your System’s Default Download Location i.e. the “Downloads” Folder. On the contrary, if you have saved the File at a different location. Then, check that specific location. 
  2. Once you find the downloaded Setup File. Then, open the same by double-clicking on it. 
  3. As a result, it will bring up a Security Warning Prompt. It is essential to validate your System’s Compatibility. However, this will depend upon your Computer’s OS and Browser. Hence, select the option accordingly. For instance,
    1. Internet Explorer/ Edge: Click “Run”
    2. Google Chrome: Setup
    3. Firefox: Save
  4. Thereafter, a “User Account Control” window will turn up. It prompts “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”. Hence, click “Yes” to proceed further with “”. This will permit the Installer for starting the Installation process. 
  5. After that, its “Software License Agreement” window will appear. Here, you get the terms of its usage. Hence, go through the terms carefully. Then, click on the “Agree” tab. 
  6. Subsequently, click “Continue”. 
  7. Following that, it will prompt you to “Sign In” to your Microsoft Account. Hence, use the registered Email Address and Password to access your Microsoft Account. 
  8. Now, wait for the completion of this process as it will take time for “”. 
  9. Finally, it will bring up the Confirmation window. It will display the “You’re all set! Office is installed now” message along with an animation video. This video will give you a quick tutorial. Hence, go through the same. Then, click on the “Close” button.
  1. Begin the “” process by searching for the Office Application installed on your System. In case of Windows users, check the Start Menu for the list of available Programs. Else, look at the Desktop for its Shortcut icon. 
  2. However, if you have a Mac Device. Then, go to your System’s “Dock”. Then, check the “Launchpad”.
  3. Now, you will have to choose one of the Applications of this Suite for Activation. This is essential as you will have to Activate all the Applications individually. For example, Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc. Hence, click on any one of the options to open it.
  4. As a result, you will get the User Interface of the selected Application. 
  5. Now, locate the button with a “Key” icon that states “Activate”. Then, click on it. However, if you have a Mac Device. Then, simply click on the “Get Started” tab to conclude the Activation process. This means that you don’t have to go through the remaining steps. 
  6. But, users of Windows Device must complete the remaining steps. The following window requires you to access your Microsoft Account. 
  7. As such, enter the Email Address and Password associated with your Microsoft Account. Then, click on “Sign In”.
  8. Thereafter, you will get the window showcasing the terms of its “Software Licence Agreement”. Now, attentively go through the terms.
  9. Then, click on the “Next” tab.
  10. As a result, the Activation process for “” will complete.

Steps to Activate Microsoft Office Setup

office setup

Difference Between Office For Home, For Education, For Business?

MS Office is one of the most versatile Software Suite available for serving users with its best-in-class Productivity Tools. In other words, it comes in various variants in accordance with user requirements and budget. These state-of-the-art software applications available for different user types like For Home, For Education, and For Business. 

For Home

It is one of the most widely used and popular versions of “”. It is designed specifically for household users. With this variant of MS Office, you can use a single Subscription Plan for the benefit of upto 6 users. It provides premium Productivity Tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and Publisher. Besides, it comes with Cloud Storage of 6TB wherein each user gets 1TB. This Subscription is available as both one-time or monthly purchase.

For Education

This Subscription Plan is available for Students, Teachers and Educational Institutes. It includes all the classic Productivity Applications that are sufficient for the purpose of education and learning. For instance, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It comes with only a one-time purchase. 

For Business

This Subscription Plan is specifically designed to support the needs of Business users. It provides the best of its Productivity Tools and Services. In other words, it includes all the available applications and services. For instance, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excess, Publisher, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Team etc. This category of Subscription Plan is available with flexible Price Plans like Annual Commitment, Monthly Subscription and One-Time Payment.

How To Reinstall My Ms Office?

reinstall office
  1. To begin with, turn up a Web Browser that is available on your System
  2. Now, launch its official website i.e. “”.
  3. Next, you must look at the upper right-hand corner. Here, click on the Profile icon. 
  4. Thereafter, enter the Email Address and Password linked with your Microsoft Account. Then, click “Office Login”.
  5. After that, get access to its “Services & Subscriptions” webpage. 
  6. Here, you must locate the purchased Office Product. Then, begin downloading the Setup File by clicking on the corresponding “Install” button.
  7. Now, wait for the completion of the Downloads process for “”.
  8. Next, you must search your System for the downloaded “Setup File”. You may find it at your System’s Default Download Location. Else, check your preferred location.
  9. Thereafter, open the same by double-clicking on it. 
  10. As a result, it will bring up its Security Warning pop-up box. Hence, select “Run” or “Setup” or “Save” according to the given options.
  11. When the “User Account Control” window appears to seek your permission for Reinstalling the software. Then, allow it by clicking on the “Yes” tab.
  12. Consequently, its Reinstallation process will begin.
  13. However, this is a time-consuming process. In other words, you must wait until the process finishes.
  14. With this, you will get a Confirmation window with a “You’re all set” message. Hence, click on the “Close” tab to exit. 
  15. Finally, Restart your Computer for “”.


Microsoft Office is the most commonly known software solution offered by Microsoft. It is a standalone Software Suite that comes as a set of Desktop based Productivity Tools. On the contrary, Office 365 is a Cloud-based Subscription Service that is available for its users.

MS Office allows users to select their Subscription Terms as per their usage requirements. In other words, it allows you to use a single Subscription to be employed for multiple users. If you select its Home Products, you can share the Subscription Benefits with upto 6 members of your family. This is possible simply by Creating a Family Group from your Microsoft’s Account.

MS Office is an exceptionally versatile Software Suite that is available for use on most of the available Computers and OS. In other words, it comes in various versions to suit specific System Requirements. As such, you must check the specified System Requirements before selecting your preferred Office Product. For this, go to its official website i.e. “”. As such, check the System Requirements from the respective Product’s Webpage.

It is extremely simple to transfer your MS License from one Device to another. For this, simply “Log In” to your Microsoft Account from its official website. Under the “Subscriptions” section, you will get a list of all the Devices using the Subscription. Hence, Deactivate or Unlink the Subscription for the Device that doesn’t want to use the Product. Subsequently, you must Install and Activate the “” on the new Device.