Office Setup

Office Setup

Microsoft Office is a Software Suite of ultimate Productivity Tools meant specifically for Office or Business use. It includes a perfect blend of purpose-specific software applications that facilitates in the automation of labour-intensive office work. To name a few, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, etc. This ingenious desktop application is effective only after a successful Office Setup process.   

Features Of MS Office

This unique Productivity Solution offered by Office Setup is packed with ingenious, user-friendly features. 

  • Single Subscription can support Multiple Devices
  • Cross-platform Compatibility
  • Accompanies 1TB of Cloud Storage
  • Creative Tools backed by Artificial Intelligence
  • Real-time Co-Authoring
  • Hasslefree Communication with Co-workers
  • Power Map in Excel
  • Manage Workflows with Microsoft Planner
  • Self- Decluttering Smart Inbox
  • Resume Reading of Word Documents
  • Send Links, Not Files
  • MS MyAnalytics for Effective Management
  • MS Sway for Innovative Presentations
  • Well Integrated Tools
  • Easily Edit and Convert Files into PDF
  • Email Storage of 50GB
  • Retrieve the Correct Version of your Documents
  • Reading Pane for easily responding to your Emails
  • Facilitates Working Offline
  • Flexibility to access Documents from any Location and any Device

Office Setup: Simple Deployment Procedure

With simple Office Setup procedures, you can easily harness the benefits of all its world class features. It is a three-step process that begins with the Download. Following that, you must Install and Activate the purchased Subscription. 

Download Office Setup

  1. Begin the Office Setup process by launching an easily available Internet Browser. For example, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome etc. 
  2. In order to download the Setup File for Office Setup, you must first purchase a preferred version. For this, go to “”. 
  3. Now, go to the very top of this window. Then, click on the “Softwares” tab.
  4. This will expand its Menu Box. Now, select the “Office” tab. 
  5. The following window displays details of all the available Products and Subscription Plans. Hence, go through the details and compare the available options. Then, choose the most appropriate version. 
  6. Go to the webpage of your selected Product. Now, click on the “Purchase and Download Now” tab to proceed with the Office Setup process. 
  7. On the following window, go to the top right-hand side. Then, click on the “Shopping Cart” icon.
  8. This will lead you to the “Shopping Cart” window. Here, you will find details of the selected product including its price. Hence, review the details. Then, click on the “Checkout” tab. 
  9. Thereafter, you must “Office Login” to your Microsoft Account. For this, provide your registered Email Address and Password. However, in case you don’t have an Account yet. Then, first set up a new Account. After that, access your Account. 
  10. After that, provide the required Payment Details accurately. Then, confirm your Payment for Office Setup. 
  11. Once it confirms your purchase, your Account will display a secure link for downloading the Setup File. Hence, click on the “Install” button. 
  12. This will start the downloading process which will take time. Therefore, wait for the same. 

Install Office Setup

  1. Begin the process of Install Office by locating the downloaded Setup File for Office Setup. You may find it at the “Downloads” Folder. 
  2. Then, open the same by double-clicking on it.
  3. Click “Run” on the following Security Prompt window to begin the Office Setup process. 
  4. When you get the “User Account Control” window, click “Yes” to permit Installation. 
  5. Thereafter, properly read the terms of “Software License Agreement” on the next window. Now, click “Agree”. After that, click “Continue”.
  6. Subsequently, “Sign In” to your Microsoft Account. 
  7. With this, it will start Installing the Office Setup. Hence, wait for its completion.
  8. When you get the Confirmation message, click “Close”.

Activate Office Setup

Once you have successfully installed the software suite, you must activate the service of each application individually. In other words, activate them one-by-one. For this, launch the selected Application. On its User Interface, click on the “Activate” tab followed by “Get Started”. Subsequently, “Sign In” to your MS Account if prompted. Thereafter, review its “Software Licence Agreement”. Then, click “Next”.