Install Office

Install Office

Here are the detailed procedures that will help you to install Office without any disruption on your PC and mobile phone.

Informative Steps to Install Office on PC

Follow each and every mentioned step with accuracy on your PC: 

  1. Make a selection for a protected and error-free web browser that you access usually for launching a web page. Then, insert in the address bar and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. 
  2. To Install Office, the very first step is to Office Login to your Office account. Hence, sign in by using your true and registered login details. 
  3. The second and most important step is to provide a Product Key. Lookup for the keycode in the order confirmation mail or in the subscription section of your Office account. In case of retail purchase, find the product key sticker at the back of the product package. 
  4. Also, you will discover two distinct fields such as Country and Language. Hence, select the region you are living in and then, choose a suitable language that you know well. 
  5. Now, click on the Next button and move to By doing so, an extended list of your purchased subscriptions and other services will be visible on your screen. 
  6. Locate your product and you will see an Install button directly below your product name. To continue with the Install Office process, promptly select the given Install button. 
  7. Another window with all the installation information will be displayed on your screen. Under the “Download and Install Office” section, you will spot an Install button. Click on it and the Office setup file will begin downloading. 
  8. When the Run option appears, click on it and the installation processing will immediately start. Based on the speed of your internet, Office will be installed in a few moments. So, wait patiently for sometime. 
  9. Once the screen displays the message “Office is installed now”, click on the Close button. Now by visiting your account page, you can easily handle your Office installations and share your purchased subscriptions. 
  10. To share your installed and activated subscription, type the email address of the person you want to invite into its assigned field. Then, click Send.

How to Install Office on Phone?

On your mobile phone, simply start the Google Play Store or App Store. Now, search for the Microsoft Product and pick your desired product from the list shown. Right away, a new window with the Install option will pop-up on your mobile screen. Select Install and the installation progress with the expected time remaining will be shown on your screen. Wait for the required time and then allow Office to access available files and photos on your device. Now, click the Get Started tab, read the Privacy terms, and get into your Microsoft account. It will start fetching all your files. Now, you can transfer your files, convert the text into images, image to the table, pictures to PDF, Document to PDF, and also scan pictures into PDF.